“ We are Beyond the Nature Dental Laboratory, highly skilled specialists who speak with the highest quality from our craftsmanship.
With 15 years of experience as a technician in South Korea and 8 years of industry experience, Beyond the Nature is taking her first step in Vienna, Virginia.

Through out the experiences in past 23 years, I was able to learn various knowledge and skill sets, and extend my expertise in the industry. I have been restlessly put my best effort in perfecting my skills and knowledge.

Our ultimate goal is at patients' happiness and satisfaction.

My greatest areas of expertise are layering, contouring, and hand-waxing. In addition, I spent vast amount of time to study dental theories to deepening my expertise.

The mentors I had are having at least twenty years of experiences, and I have never failed them due to the quality of the cases. I have been proven myself as a top-tier technician from industry veterans.

With your collaboration, I strongly believe that we can make more patients happier and be more satisfied with superior results. ”

Shawn "Shihwan" Kim, Founder, Beyond the Nature